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Talking Muslim Yousuf Doll - 2021 Version - Anafiya Gifts
Talking Muslim Yousuf Doll - 2021 Version - Anafiya Gifts
Talking Muslim Yousuf Doll - 2021 Version - Anafiya Gifts

Talking Muslim Yousuf Doll

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New and Improved Version!

A beautiful 16" soft plush Muslim doll who talks when you press his hands and feet.  Learning about Islam is so much fun with your new friend! Now with 2 Levels included – that’s 5 additional surahs!

  • Slide the switch to hear two levels of content!
  • 16” soft plush doll that speaks and sings
  • Muslim doll recites surahs, says Islamic phrases, fun Islamic songs
  • Yousuf speaks with interactive hands, feet, and nose
  • Over four minutes of sound with beautiful voiceovers
  • Fun way for young children to learn about Islam
  • Ages 3+

Level 1 content:

  • Surah Al Fatiha (in Arabic with English translation)
  • Surah Al Ikhlas (in Arabic with English translation)
  • As-Salamu ‘Alaykum
  • Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
  • Lailaha illallah Muhammadur-Rasulullah
  • Fi Amanillah
  • A’udhu billahi minash shaytanir-rajeem
  • Insha’Allah and Masha’Allah
  • Al-Hamduillah
  • Subhanallah
  • Jazakallahu Khayrun
  • 5 fun Islamic songs

And new, Level 2 content:

  • Surah Al Kawthar in Arabic with English translation
  • Surah Al Kafiroon in Arabic with English translation
  • Surah An Naas in Arabic with English translation
  • Surah Al Falaq in Arabic with English translation
  • Surah Al Asr in Arabic with English translation

     A perfect present for children aged 3+

    Please note that Muslim dolls speak English and Arabic only.  All dolls meet all the required British and European, Health and Safety requirements CE, EN71, and Rohs certified. (Age: 3+ Years). Please note that photographs of the product colours on the packaging may differ to the actual product colours in the box. Requires 3x AA batteries.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 47 reviews
    Hadiya Bukhari
    Just ok

    Not impressed to be honest. One of the feet don’t work. Sometimes have to keep pressing other ones for them to work. Could of been better off just buying a doll and sticking a thobe and shemagh on it.

    We are sorry to hear this, sounds like this could be faulty - we will contact you via email now.

    Noreen Akhtar

    Excellent toy for learning in a fun way for my daughter. Would be better if the sound could have a voulme control function as it isn't loud enough.

    L. ZM

    Talking Muslim Aamina Doll

    Eram Menaz

    Brilliant customer service and the doll is amazing. 🙂 Will be ordering some more for my girls 💗


    Great product, good size and sound, perfect for little hands