Quran White Noise App

White Noise can help your baby sleep. It recreates the background noise they are used to in the womb. The benefits of listening to the Quran are well known. 🤲

This app allows you to play the recitation of the Quran alongside White Noise. You have full control of each audio's volume to find the perfect combination to suit your baby’s needs. 👶

⭐ Includes recitation of the whole of Juz Amma. From Surah An-Naba to An-Nas.
Choose between reciters including Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Shatri and Hazza Al-Balushi.
⭐ Choose between a number of background sounds other than White Noise.
⭐ Control the volume of Quran and White Noise individually to find the perfect combination for your baby.
⭐ Works in the background, with the screen off.
⭐ Works offline. No need for an internet connection.

This is a beta release. We are actively working on improvements and new features. Please send any feedback or suggestions to falah@anafiya.com

Download the App here:


Our Vision

This is the first of many apps we have in the pipeline. We are aiming to launch a number of Islamic apps for both kids and parents.

Tech will only get more and more engrained in our every day lives. This is obvious from how much society has changed when comparing our childhood to our children's.

We believe it is of utmost importance that we embrace this fully. We will do what we can to utilize tech in helping us practice our faith and advancing our society.