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"Exchange gifts, it will increase your love for one another.
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

As mothers, we can especially relate to this hadith when treating our children. Seeing their faces light up when they open their gifts is priceless.

Before I reverted to Islam, I remember the excitement we had every Christmas. Having the family around and eagerly waiting for the time to open our presents. However, my experience with Eid contrasted. There didn't seem to be as much excitement for the occasion, apart from kids having the day off from school. I thought this was the norm.

However, after spending one summer celebrating Ramadan and Eid in Malaysia, I noticed that this was completely different to what I had experienced in my life as a Muslim in the UK. The whole country stops. Communities open their doors and invite strangers to celebrate with them. Eid was a very big deal.

In an attempt to bring some of the excitement to the UK, I began selling Eid decorations to my local community in Oxford. This was a hit with our earliest customers, as a way of brightening their Eid. But they wanted more. They wanted gifts for their children. Gifts that embrace their Muslim identities and instill a love for Islam.

In my quest for new products, I was surprised to see how many great items already existed. Fun Islamic toys, exciting kids books, beautiful handmade prayer mats. I was not aware of most of these, and this was true for many people who lived in areas not surrounded by Islamic bookshops.

This lack of exposure drove me to take my business online. To build awareness of these exciting Islamic kids products, and make it easily accessible to all.

Starting the business at the age of 24 with 2 little girls, I plan to work hard to make Anafiya Gifts successful in its aims, and strive in being a good mother and a role-model to my children.

Naomi Macklin-Carr
Founder of Anafiya Gifts
Mother of Hasanah (Ana) and Safiyyah (Fiya) <3

Building a Happy Muslim Childhood.
Established April 2016, Oxford UK


Building a Happy Muslim Childhood