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LOVE the colours 😍 I’m so excited to see my daughters face eid morning with the decorations


Lovely lights! Perfect for ramadhan/eid Ul fitr/eid Ul Adha! Can keep forever and use again and again. Recommend 100%! Thank you Anafiya.

My Quran Pillow

Love Jenna l

Beautiful way to help the little ones memorise the surahs

Great Journal that alleviates anxiety and stress!!!

I have never been fond of writing in general. However, this journal really encourages that writing instinct in me, the way it is designed makes it easier for someone like me to write my feelings on to this great journal. In addition, the bonus of getting closer to Allah on the way!!! This has also helped me de stress in the toughest times and help alleviate my anxiety.

Black and Gold - Eid Fan Set

looking forward to building up the excitement of Eid with my granddaughters

Really Good quality

Good quality cards with a lovely design. Would definitely recommend.


My little girl (4) and nephew (5) both loves this book. They learned so much about Ramadan as well as other important information in Islam. Excellent format, information. Kids loved the activities especially the stickers.

My kids love it and learning the dua's as well. Welldone guys


The dress didnt come with the tights as shown in the pictures sadly. And also the sizing is much smaller than shown on size chart.

Eid/Ramadan Large Treat Tins - White Metal

Allah Made Everything - Zain Bhika

Amazing gift

My 5 year old boy loves it try's all the button and in to learning. So easy to use. It was good price and very quick delivery thanks Anafiya

A great book

I loved reading this book to my 5 yrs old and 2yrs old. They had a lot of questions during the book so it opened the door for me to answer things they are unsure about. Alhumdulilah it is a lovely book, however I did expect it to be a lot more thicker with more stories this is the only reason I give it an average 3 star rating. Considering the price of the book I would loved to have had much more content.

Great quality

Fantastic product, had it for more than a year and a half. Great way to expose kids to quran in a fun way.

Absolutely love this book, read it to my daughter before bed each night. She is now excited about fasting.

Perfect helper to increase gratitude In’shaAllah

I have begun the journal and SubhanAllah just by completing the first page I realised I am not as grateful as I should be.
In’shaAllah this journal will teach me a few things and build a practice into me that will become a lifetime habit. It will also In’shaAllah help me become more aware of my Allah and His ever-presence. Ameen!

Experience a time with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

This book is amazing! My 8year old absolutely loved reading it as well as myself. I love childrens book. I have to say this one in particular made me experience the time.

Amazing Eid pyjamas for all the family

The whole family love them and couldn’t wait to get into them. JazakAllah for all your kindness and amazing customer service aswell.

I love reading this story to my children (4 and 6), it helps us all in being more conscious of our actions and it's a great reminder that Allah is all knowing.

I start reading this book to my children about 2 weeks before each Eid, it really helps them to get excited and look forward to Eid

I bought this book so that my children (ages 4 and 6) could learn a new hadith each day of Ramadan. They have been enjoying the book a lot, especially the part about how they can use the hadith in their life.

My children absolutely love this game. They have learnt a lot just through playing with the cards.