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Superb service and brilliant items!

Lovely gift idea

This item arrived much quicker than expected. Fun, good quality cards. My 6 yr old daughter loves it.

Hassan and Aneesa Love Ramadan


Great purchase and service.

Lantern lights gold

Beautiful and lovely design. Very happy with this purchase.

Eid sack

I absolutely love Eid and I love being super prepared! These sacks are amazing. There are many on the market and these are by far my fave! Definitely recommended. I got the pink for my girl and blue for my boy ❤️ Perfect for all the small pressies, can’t wait inshallah !

Lovely product but product description unclear

The mobile is a lovely product. I love how it is a replica of many others on the market but mA without any toys with eyes. I also love the colours and the overall look of it.

The only issue is that no where in the product description does it tell you that the recording is especially recorded for the mobile and not of a sheikh or Quran reciter like on many of the other products. I was hoping it would be like that, with a sheikh reciting, but unfortunately is of a lady’s own voice recording- which personally I find is a little disappointing.

More so, it is not possible to use the mobile (lights/projection or rotation) without having the sound on. So if I do not want the noise on, it isn’t extremely useful, as I can’t use the product for anything else.

Overall a bit of mixed feelings about the product, but I do think it’s a great Islamic product on the market and much needed so fantastic job for providing that!


These note books are such good quality and make excellent gifts!

Amazing learning puzzle

Great product. Made learning Arabic alphabets so easy and simple.

Cute little bags

Really sweet bags that we’re going to use to put in little treats at the end of the kids beds. Not very big but perfect for what we wanted to use them for!

Mash’Allah it’s a beautiful 💝

The product came on time is a beautiful gift Jazakallahu khayr to anafiya gifts may Allah reward you abundantly

Let it go

Really good book and excellent illustrations

I Say Bismillah
I Say Bismillah Book

An excellent book for for Toddlers & beginners. Simple and very basic words used. Easy to understand.

Brought this as a gift!

I brought this as a gift for my friend and she abs loves it! The price is reasonable too!

Grwat products

All anafya products I purchased are high quality and very useful

A perfect gift

I brought this for my children and I don’t think I could have gifted them with anything better. Alhumdulilah

Beautiful illustrations and beautiful way to learn islamic phrases

My son loves the arabic in this book.

I cannot give you a review because I have not yet received my pillow

99 names of Allah

This is a really beautiful book I bought for my year old. We love listening to eat. My 4 and 12 have memorised allah name so quickly’ Alhamdulilah

Arabic alphabet

It’s good for the beginners, my four years old son love it.

Loved it !

This is just what I needed for my son to know. Great and easy concepts for children to understand.

Beautiful gift for my nephew’s 1st birthday - he falls asleep listening to it ❤️

Fabulous product - would recommend 100% great service 😊

Dreaming Of Eid Pyjamas 2020 - Pink 2 Piece Youth
So cute MaSha’Allah

My little sister loved her new jammies! So festive MaSha’Allah x

Funny and educational

Great way of explaining how duas work. Simple enough for preschool kids to understand the key message. The jokes are more for older kids and adults - like when the Mikaeel and Malaika asked their dad where their jet has gone, he replied I sold it on 'Spamazon'!

Kids and I love it

My kids and I love this book. It's about being resilient and grateful for blessings from Allah. We often flip through the book and sing along with the YouTube video animation of this book. The pictures really bring the words to life. The first time I saw the picture of a mother who lost her child adopting an orphan girl, I cried!