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Excellent product

Very good and ideal Islamic product to encourage kids to learn dua

Engaging and fun!

I've purchased quite a few items from Anafiya Gifts already, opening them gradually as my baby girl grows. Received this book and she absolutely loves it! It is so engaging, great for development and a way to introducing Arabic letters to her! It also comes with a set of teethers which has different textures and colours, again a chance for her to explore!
Definitely recommend purchasing!

Dua Journal

I brought this for a friend. She absolutely loved it. Brilliant for your mental health

Quran Cube Pillow

Excellent product. Using it daily with my little one - now 9 weeks old - and hope that he's finding it as useful and soothing as me! :)


Bought for my friend’s daughter, both love Aamina! Clear and precise, such a lovely doll too.

Quran cube

I can’t thank you enough for this, honestly MashAllah amazing item to purchase & it came on time as well. I had no troubles what so ever Alhamdulliah


Really nice product..I gifted to my sister as a moving into new home preziii .. she absolutely loved it xx thankyou

Best purchase I ever made!!!

I honestly love this cube in so many ways!! It has so many features I haven't been able to look at them all yet, I'm so impressed with the product and it's definitely bigger than the pictures!! Would definitely recommend as a gift or even a gift for yourself!! Excellent product and really fast free delivery!! 5 *****

Quran cube

I have falling in love with this Quran cube. We listen to it everyday my children absolutely love it. The stories are lovely and Mufti Menk speaks well and clear in all of the them. My neighbors have come in and asked where they can buy it from mashallah

Moon and Star Quran Cot Mobile


Alhamdulilah thank you for the pillow. Bought it for my 3 year old niece and she absolutely loves it. Will be ordering from you again xx


Alhamdulillah for these amazing flash cards. Such good quality Alhamdulillah. They’re very modern and surely has a special touch to the theme of the cards. InshAllah my son gets full use from this beautiful set. Barak Allah Hum Feek.


This is a beautiful mobile love it I think its such a beautiful gift I bought 2 1 for my grandson and one for my neice when i had my child wish this was available x

Learning My Arabic Colours, Shapes, Numbers


I really love the idea of having the arabic colours, alphabet and shapes in one book.
However it would be better if it was consistent for example the colours and shapes have the arabic text but the numbers do not and to ensure they are being read and pronounced correctly it is crucial to have the arabic as the english cannot match up in all cases.

This leads to my next point... the "triangle" shape is written in arabic but the word is without a shaddah so the pronounciation is wrong if someone were to read it as it is written. I am saying this as I have heard the word in its correct form.

Regardless...I have enjoyed reading it to my little one.

Jazakallah khair

Masha'allah excellent service

First item was a little faulty but the response was so prompt and service excellent, that a replacement was sent as soon as possible without any hassle. Product is mash'allah very good for kids. Quality is good too.

My First Quran Storybook

Best buy

Best thing i ever bought. Son 4yr old loves it. It has all the duas and kalima's that you want your child to know. My son has trouble sleeping usually but snice i got this pillow all i need to do is turn the lights on, he puts on whatever surat he wants to listen and he off sleeping. Thankyou for a wonderful product.

Absolutely in love with this product

Everyone who’s seen it now wants it for their children! As a revert I’m still learning the basics of Islam and this will truly help my child to learn his morning, night duas and teach him how to recite the four guls. The nasheed is incredibly cute too! Thank you so much anafiya gifts!

Can’t wait for it to arrive

I’ve heard wonderful things about the Quran cube, I’ve ordered it and can’t wait for it to arrive. I will come and review it once it’s delivered inshallah


Excellent pillow daughter loved it! However I thought it would continuous play after one surah after another... as little one likes to fall asleep listening to recitation.. does it do that? Or do we have keep clicking to go next.

Beautiful Gift

I love this Dua Pillow. Amazing for gift for my boys who love it and cannot let go of it. I love the Duas my children are learning. Great present - fun and educational. The lights are a great feature for the kids especially whilst falling asleep. Great that it turns off itself too when inactive. Thank you for this.


Kids love it, and so do I. They dont speak english so i translate it while reading, but the words are so easy, and you never want to stop and say next pages tomorrow. JazakALLAH.

Quran cube

They work wonderfully well.
Kids love them

Great customer service

Ordered a dua pillow but it turned out to be faulty, I was sent another one straight away. Great product and fast response from the team. Thank you!

Was a gift... Bought one for my son too... Listens to duas and Qur'an every night... Can't recommend enough