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Quran Cube Kaaba Sadaqa Money Box

Muslim aminah doll

Bought as a gift for my granddaughter. Very lovely gift to give or present to receive for a child.

salah mat

excellent quality and amazing for children to learn definitely recommend

Basirah the Basketballer says Insha'Allah

Play for hours! Great but dough texture alittle firm

The stencils are a joy for my 3 year old son who mastered the alphabets at age 2 and has been asking for Arabic play doh for sometime! Was happy to find these, it's fun even if your child doesn't know the alphabets like my other children. The stencils are great, the play dough is alittle firm and we normally play with very soft play dough so it depends on preference, most importantly the stencils last forever and you will have to buy play dough sooner or later if yours like mine, use play dough daily


Great product and great service

Quran Cube Pillow - Pink

My Salah Mat - Interactive Prayer Mat

Very good

It is really lovely and it has prompts as well as a chance on other page to write your thoughts freely. However, it can only be used for few months. Would have been nice if there were more pages

Arabic Learning

This is a very good and fun way to teach your children the letters of arabic alphabet.

Great Book

My little one really loves this book.

Migo and Ali

Great book very well written for young children. My five year old has already picked up the story of ibrahim as just from one read.

Beautiful gift

Bought for a friend who has just had a baby and another friends daughter. Very good quality and you just can not beat such a beautiful quote

The best book for children

Subhan'Allah for this book. It is so nice and simple and captures the beauty of the prophets in such a nice way. Other books don't come close this is my bed time story for my kids and they throughly enjoy it. The book is written in such a child friendly way honestly the only way to know is to get yourself one of these if you have little kids. It's the best buy and it's truly beneficial. Thank you for creating these books may Allah reward your efforts abundantly ameen

Dua pillow

Very educational and cosy!My kid loves it ,especially the lullaby good night song!Thanks so much!

Arabic Alphabet House

Came very fast, was pleased with the service and the packing.How is it inside? Not sure yet, it's a gift for someone. Am hoping it will be great and they will be happy with it.

Excellent service

Beautiful moon and star cot mobile. Quick service and professional. Definitely will recommend

Perfect Gift

Good quality and ideal for hire with the repetition feature.

Kids and parents have both benefited.

Brilliant piece of gadget

My family love the gift. May be cost can be reduced for future purchases

Rabbi Zidni 'Ilma Notebook Aqua

Quran cube is soo good alhamdulilah an easy to use


Really good quality flash cards. I'd recommend it to all

cot mobile is fantastic and soothing

My 2 month old baby absolutely loves this, it is very soothing and he loves the light projection.

Quran Cube Pillow - Blue

My newborn loves it

Really happy with the purchase my baby loves it! Definitely calms him down