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Quran Moon Lamp - Original - App Version
Quran Moon Lamp - Original - App Version
Quran Moon Lamp - Original - App Version
Quran Moon Lamp - Original - App Version
Quran Moon Lamp - Original - Anafiya Gifts
Quran Moon Lamp - Original - Anafiya Gifts
Quran Moon Lamp - Original - App Version
Quran Moon Lamp - Original - App Version
Quran Moon Lamp - Original - App Version
Quran Moon Lamp - Original - App Version

Quran Moon Lamp - Original - App Version

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The Quran Moon Lamp is a special bluetooth speaker featuring Duas, Hadith, Nasheeds and Quran recitation from 17 world-renowned reciters and translation in 14 unique languages.

The perfect gift for any child or adult to relax with ambient mood lighting, practice reciting Quran, learn new duas and listen to hadith at the comfort if your home.

Learn to understand the Quran by listening to the Arabic alongside the translation in your native language using the Translation setting.

  • Includes a remote allowing you to directly select Surahs, listen to Ayah by Ayah Translation, Word by Word Recitation, and translation in multiple languages. 
  • Built-in FM radio mode, Quran reading mode, Bluetooth mode, and 7 colourful light modes
  • Touch the top to change the colour of the warm & cool white lights, Energy-saving, high-efficiency, holding LED chips.
  • Can be fully charged in 2 hours through the USB interface, and can be used for 8 hours or more depending on the brightness.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection audio playback
  • 40 Hadith - Al Ruqyah - Hisnul Muslim - Sahih Al-Bukhari - Sahih Al-Muslim - Qaida Noorania - Dua Witr - Nasheeds

Quran Reciters Include

Qari Abdul Basit - Shaykh Sudais - Shaykh Afasy - Shaykh al Minshawi - Shaykh al Ajmy - Shaykh Mahir Muaqly - Shaykh Abu Bakr Al-Shatri - Shaykh Abdullah Matrood - Shaykh Abdullah Basfar - Shaykh Muhammad Jibril - Shaykh Muhammad Ayoub - Shaykh Husari - Shaykh Hudhaifi - Shaykh Ghamdi - Shaykh Minshawi - Shaykh Shuraim - Shaykh Tablaw 

Language Translations

Bangla - English - Farsi - French - Hindi - Indonesian  - Malaysian - Russian - Somali - Tamil - Turkish - Urdu - Uzbek

Quran Moon Lamp Original/Galaxy FAQ

At the bottom of the lamp is a small metal pin next to the charging port. Put your finger on it for three seconds and the light will turn on. Use the power button on the remote or remote control app to play the sound.

To turn it off, press the metal pin for 3 seconds. Please note that to turn it on again you will need to press the metal pin again.

You will need to turn it on manually at the lamp first. Press your finger against the small metal pin at the bottom of the lamp until the light turns on.

Now you should be able to control it with the provided remote and the downloadable remote control app.

Whilst charging, the lamp will produce a pulsing green light. When it is fully charged it will no longer pulse and show a steady green light.

The Quran Moon Lamp comes with a micro USB to USB wire. This can be plugged in to any USB port such as those found on the laptop or using a USB plug charger.

The lamp is a sphere with a diameter of 15.5cm

1x Quran Moon Lamp
1x Wooden Stand (comes in 3 L-shaped pieces)
1x Remote Control
1x Mini USB to USB wire

1. First you will need to turn on the lamp. Turn the lamp upside down and you will see a small metal pin next to a charging port. Press your finger on this for 3 seconds and the lamp will light up.

2. Now it’s time to pair your phone. Turn on the bluetooth on the phone and open the Equantu Quran Speaker app. Press the settings button in the bottom right corner and go to bluetooth mode. It will show a list of nearby moon lamps. Select your moon lamp and the disconnected status should change to connected.

3. Press back and press the Playing button to go back to the main screen.

4. Press the power button and the lamp will start to play.

No, it can only be controlled from one app at any one time.


Manually: Simply tap the metal pin at the bottom of the lamp to cycle through the different colours. There is no way to adjust the brightness without the control.

Remote: To change it using the remote, use the button with the light bulb icon. The button with the light bulb and arrows will allow you to change the brightness of the light.

App: Press the Light Control button on the menu at the bottom. Use the colour picker to choose the colour and you will see the lamp respond in real time.

Customer Reviews

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Zakia Rafique

Quran Moon Lamp - Original - App Version

Omm Jaffar
Love it

Bought for my daughters to listen to quran at bedtime. They love it and so do I. Easy to use especially with the app which is really easy to download and use. Lots of reciters and can play quran ayat by ayat. Not to mention it looks beautiful too. Absolutely reccomend.

Very good for learning

Lovely lamp for night times and enables children to practice their Arabic Surahs. Would recommend it,

Ayesha Amar
Quran moon lamp

Amazing brought 3 for my family members they absolutely love it JazakAllahKhairun

richard neale

Mashallah this is good