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Quran Cube LED X (2019) - Rose Gold - Anafiya Gifts
Quran Cube LED X (2019) - Rose Gold - Anafiya Gifts

Quran Cube LED X - Rose Gold

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The new Quran Cube LED X (2019) with remote control.

The Quran Cube is a bluetooth enabled Quran speaker. It also serves it's purpose as a multi-coloured touch lamp, alarm clock, with Adhan 5 times a day.

A very beneficial Islamic gift for any home. Listen to Quran & Nasheeds anywhere. Touch the top of the cube to change light colour. Easy to use, and fully portable with its rechargeable battery.

Additional Features include:

  • Full Quran
  • 31 Reciters
  • Remote Control
  • 5 Times Adhan –  Full Adhan To Play At Salaah Times
  • Quran Memorisation Mode
  • Hadith, Seerah, Prophets Stories, Quran Tafseer
  • Duroods & Nasheeds
  • Rechargeable - Micro USB
  • Bluetooth
  • Clock
  • Size = 10 x 10 x 11.2 cm

After Care: Please see the Quran Cube Manual for instructions on setup. For any malfunctions, the product may need to be Reset using a pin. Please refer to the second video in the Quran Cube Manual

Quran Cube LED X FAQ

The Quran Cube, Micro-usb to usb cable, a remote, a pouch for the Quran cube and a user manual.

Switch to clock mode by pressing the mode button until it says 'clock mode'. To set the clock to the right time, you need to long press the mode button. The 'hour' will flash once it's been selected and can then be adjusted with the next/previous track buttons. Press the mode button again to select and adjust the 'minutes'. The time is now set.

Toggle to the 'adhan mode' using the mode button to set the adhan. It will show fajr's alarm first. You can cycle through all the prayer times using the previous/next track buttons.

The adhan can now be set by long pressing the mode button to select and adjust the times.The alarm now needs to be activated for each individual adhan.

After setting each adhan time, press mode again. The display will show 'ON' or OFF and you have the option of toggling between the two using the previous / next track depending on whether you want the adhan to be activated or not. Press mode again once you've selected your choice.

To set the next adhan time, press the next track button. Repeat steps 7 and 8 to set the other adhan times.

Your adhan should now work. As long as the Quran is on, the adhan should work, even if it's in stand-by mode. If it still does not work, try resetting the Quran Cube.

Turn off the Quran Cube. Insert a pin inside the aux port located at the back to press the reset button. You should feel a click when this has been done. Turn on the cube. The clock should now show 07.00 to indicate a successful reset.

Use the micro-usb to usb cable and plug it into a USB port such as the port in your laptop or a USB wall plug adapter.

Customer Reviews

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A perfect gift

I brought this for my children and I don’t think I could have gifted them with anything better. Alhumdulilah

Quran Cube

Subhanallah im in love with the Quran cube listening to the Quran keeping up with my prayers the adzaan everything it has everything on it I recommend everyone should buy it honestly its life changing


MashAllah amazing cube definitely would recommend

Quran cube

I have bought this few times and Mashallah it’s a beautiful gift to give ❤️

Subhan Allah

It's a big blessing to have the quran cube in my life and my loved ones. 3rd time I have purchased as a gift this time, its brilliant