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My Quran Pillow - Anafiya Gifts

My Quran Pillow


This soft cuddly toy is more than just a pillow!

My Quran Pillow allows your child to hear verses from the Quran: Surah Ar Rahman, Surah Yaseen and the last 2 Verses of Surah al Baqarah. These verses have been especially recorded for My Quran Pillow using a beautifully soothing and comforting voice, making bedtime a more relaxing experience.

Press one of three beautifully embroidered buttons and hear over six minutes of a  voice-over with excellent recitation with Tajweed, including:

  • Press the Pink Book:¬†Hear Surah Ar Rahman
  • Press the Blue Book:¬†Hear Last 2 Verses of Surah al Baqarah
  • Press the Green Book:¬†Hear Surah Yaseen
  • Adjust volume and turn on lights with the coordinating buttons.

My Quran Pillow is approximately 32 cm x 39 cm, and has stay cool LED lights to offer a soothing glow for bedtime- and the LEDs switch off automatically after 15 minutes! Use the volume control to set the perfect volume for a comfortable bedtime.

Includes 3x AA (LR 6) Batteries and meets all environmental standards. Suitable for ages 3-99 years! Tested to meet child safety requirements EN71 (parts 1,2,3) and EN62115.

Customer Reviews

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Good service en good quality


My Quran Pillow

Quran pillow

My niece loves it

Quran pillow

The pillows are absolutely amazing I brought the moon and the star for both my boys who are 1yr and 5yrs old and they love them.. but most importantly my older son said to me the other day.. 'mum listen I know few lines of yaseen' so I was like wow you learning yaseen at mosque already bearing in mind he only 5... then he like no 'I've learnt it from the pillow' Mashallah. So yes a really good way to help children learn..

Great product, delivery was also fast

Received very good feedback from one of my colleague since it was a gift to their unborn baby. One of my colleagues 4 yr old daughter began to use it before the arrival of the baby and she really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for I was looking for something which is money worth, the same product was at high price elsewhere and I really wanted to get something within my budget at the same time rewarding. Alhumdulillah for this.

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