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Migo and Ali: Love for the Prophets - Anafiya Gifts
Migo and Ali: Love for the Prophets - Anafiya Gifts
Migo and Ali: Love for the Prophets - Anafiya Gifts
Migo and Ali: Love for the Prophets - Anafiya Gifts
Migo and Ali: Love for the Prophets - Anafiya Gifts

Migo and Ali: Love for the Prophets

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From the author of the acclaimed My Dad's Beard, Zanib Mian has carefully written stories of 17 prophets (peace be upon them all) in engaging child-friendly language. The quality of the delivery is synononmous to her other titles, and raises the bar yet again for Islamic childrens books.

Presented in a large hardback with 164 full colour pages, the story follows the two loveable characters Migo the bear and a young boy named Ali. It has a unique story-telling style with each story concluding with a dialogue between the two. Ali will ask Migo questions that your child will already be thinking about.

Packed with beautiful full-page illustrations and fun text, it is very easy to read, and children from ages 3 and up will be sure to enjoy the book.

It has been approved by scholars including Sheikh Shady AlSuleiman who writes: "I read the book and found it very beneficial for Muslim children. It is easy to read and understand. May Allah reward those behind it with the greatest of rewards."

Author:Zanib Mian
Publisher:Muslim Children's Books (2 Sept 2016)
Dimensions:22.6 x 28.8 x 1.5cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Highly recommend!!!

It’s such a good book. We Love reading it at night with our daughter.Especially now in Ramadhan!
She finds the stories interesting . Especially the questions after each story .

Excellent resource for children

It's hard to find an easy to understand book for Muslim children about the prophets. A lot of books use complicated words that aren't age appropriate.

Migo and Ali is written very well in a simple and relaxed manner. The stories are written with the audience in mind without taking away from the Islamic content.

The illustrations are beautiful too. The other main selling point for me are the conversations that Migo and Ali have at the end of each story. They both reflect on lessons learned and highlight main themes from the story. It's a very useful way to introduce children to comprehension, a skill they will need in their lives.

The only thing I slightly had a difference of opinion over was the skipping of Lut (as)'s story. I understand why this was done but I don't necessarily agree with the decision.

I really hope Migo and Ali have an aqeedah book coming out soon in sha Allah. Jazakhallah khairan to the author!

Best book!

Very child friendly - boys loved it

Beautiful book

A great quality, beautifully written and with colourful pictures to help young ones engage.

Wonderful Overview of the Prophets

This book makes a wonderful read as an introduction to the stories of the Prophets. It is very child friendly and has a very endearing question and answer session at the end of each story. The stories do not go into too much depth so if that's what you're looking for, then this would not really serve the purpose.