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Migo and Ali: A-Z of Islam - Anafiya Gifts
Migo and Ali: A-Z of Islam - Anafiya Gifts
Migo and Ali: A-Z of Islam - Anafiya Gifts

Migo and Ali: A-Z of Islam

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Migo & Ali are back with an even bigger hardback book! The second book in the series, after Love for the Prophets, contains a comprehensive 300 page, full colour book, and covers 75 Islamic topics! 

The kids will find it easy to understand and will find Islamic words or concepts explained in simple, loving, child-friendly language.

Vibrant and colourful illustrations decorate every section. We see more of the light-hearted, humourous dialogue between Migo and Ali, which is what these characters are renowned for! 

This popular go-to resource is a family Islamic parenting tool that will ensure your child is immersed, learning some of the basic concepts in Islam.

Ages 5+


Adhaan - Alhamdulilah - Allah - Angels -Aqeedah - Ashura - Ayat -A’udobillah -Beard - Bismillah - Dhikr - Dua - Eid - Fard - Five pillars - Ghusl - Hadith - Hajj -Halal -Haram - Hijab - Hijra - Holy Books - Iftar - Ihram  - Ihsan - Imaan - Imam - In sha Allah - Iqama - Islamic months - Israa and miraj - Jannah - Jazak Allah Khair - Jummah - Kaaba - Khutba - Laylatul Qadr - Madinah - MashaAllah - Masjid - Miswaak - Moon - Mu’adhin - Prayer mat - Prophets - Qibla - Qiyam - Quraish - Quran - Ramadan - Ruku - Sadaqa - Saff - Sahaba - Salaam - Salah - Shahada - Shaytan - Subhan Allah - Suhur (see Ramadan) - Sujood - Sunnah - Surah - Tahajjud - Takbeer, Tahleel, Tahmeed and Tasbih - Talbiyah (see also Hajj/Umrah) - Taqwa - Taraweeh - Tawakkul - Tawhid - Umrah - Wajib - Wudu - Zakat - Zamzam

Author:Zanib Mian
Publisher:Muslim Children's Books
Dimensions:22.6 x 28.8 x 2.4cm

Customer Reviews

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Najia Suraia

Migo and Ali: A-Z of Islam

Excellent book

My kids age 5 and 8 love this - I didn’t expect them to love it as much as they did! It’s their first choice every night and they love choosing a topic each to learn about. The only other Islamic books they have which they also love are the Stories of the Prophets by the same author. Really grateful to the author for writing a modern and easily accessible book like this for young children. Highly recommended.

Mariya Thwahura

Tittle: Migo and Ali A-Z of Islam

About this book 📚:
Migo and Ali A-Z of Islam is about lots of things you should try to follow in your life. This is a great book which talks about Eid, Dua,Allah and many more. It talks about 76 things and has more than 250 pages!Read it to find out more!

Who do I recommend this to:
Every person in this world 🌎 especially people who are not Muslims.


Reviewed by : Mariya 8years old from London

Aisha F
Brilliant book

Islamic concepts wonderfully explained in fun, bitesize chunks. My little one is just under 3, so she doesn’t quite follow all of the concepts right now. But she still loves reading this book. We have started to read a chapter as part of bedtime reading.

Great illustrations makes it appealing for younger kids.

Lovely book

This is a really nice book. I read it for my 2 year old at bedtime. He usually likes Thomas the tank engine stories and he seems to be happy enpugh with the stories from this book. The characters are cute and the information is basic but informative whilst capturing. The length of each chapter are short (just right) so we might end up reading more than one chapter per night, this is not a problem. My only gripe is that I wish the illustrations were a little more gripping and interactive to keep childrens attention on the pics whilst reading to them. I find this with most Islamic books. Would highly recommend though. I had no problems with Anafiya, they seem to be a genuine and helpful company. Thank you.