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365 Days with the Prophet Muhammad - Anafiya Gifts

365 Days with the Prophet Muhammad


365 Days with the Prophet Muhammad is a unique storybook, which takes children on a fun-filled, day-by-day adventure throughout the life and times of the Prophet Muhammad . It provides a lively and chronological account of the Prophet as a person, whose life and teachings are loved, cherished and respected by people all over the world.

Every day, children will find in it a new story enshrining the wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad , which they can apply in their daily lives.

Children will love the colourful illustrations and captivating stories, charmingly told in simple language.

Cover: Hardback

Customer Reviews

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Kids love it, and so do I. They dont speak english so i translate it while reading, but the words are so easy, and you never want to stop and say next pages tomorrow. JazakALLAH.

Experience a time with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

This book is amazing! My 8year old absolutely loved reading it as well as myself. I love childrens book. I have to say this one in particular made me experience the time.


365 Days with the Prophet Muhammad

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