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365 Hadith with Stories - Anafiya Gifts
365 Hadith with Stories - Anafiya Gifts
365 Hadith with Stories - Anafiya Gifts
365 Hadith with Stories - Anafiya Gifts

365 Hadith with Stories

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This book, with its simple yet profound hadith and stories, set in the circumstances of our daily existence, expresses the joy and challenges of life. Reading these hadith and stories, children will come to know how ordinary incidents and day to day activities can be seen and better understood in the light of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad.

These charming stories and heart-warming sayings of the Prophet, enlivened by stunning and colourful illustrations, will become a wonderful accompaniment for children on their path to understanding the life and message of the Prophet Muhammad, to appreciating the glory and kindness of Allah, and will bring them closer to their Prophet and Creator.

Author:Ali CaraCam
Publisher:Goodword (2 Dec. 2015)
Dimensions:20 x 28 x 2cm

Customer Reviews

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Needs proofreading

I have bought many books published by Goodword over the years and always found them to be reliable and enjoyable to read. However, this book has been a disappointment. A few of the short stories were rather bizarre such as the one about circumcision. The part that bugs me the most about this book was the fact that for story number 40, they gave the subheading “Allah is Everywhere” when talking about the hadith “Be mindful of Allah and you will find him in front of you. (Tirmidhi)”. Besides having absolutely nothing to do with the hadith, this subheading is theologically incorrect.

Perhaps this book had been translated from the Turkish language and the translators did not do the book justice. In which case the publisher should have proofread the book before selling it to the masses.

For reference here’s full hadith taken from Sunan At Tirmidhi:

Ibn Abbas reported: I was riding behind the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, when he said to me, “Young man, I will teach you some words. Be mindful of Allah and He will protect you. Be mindful of Allah and you will find Him before you. If you ask, ask from Allah. If you seek help, seek help from Allah. Know that if the nations gathered together to benefit you, they could not benefit you unless Allah has decreed it for you. And if the nations gathered together to harm you, they could not harm you unless Allah has decreed it for you. The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried.”

Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 2516

Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Tirmidhi

N Nazneen
Birthday present

Got this for my nephew and he loves it. Very good present and important to bring deen into the children.

Bushra Asim

365 Hadith with Stories

Mrs abbas

This is really good book... every hadith has simple yet good story for kids.. easy for kids to understand. Super good quality of the actual book.. ordered few other books too. Really happy with my purchase. Recommended it to family and friends

very good and highly recommended

I got as Eid gift to my friend daughter, it was quite good and she really loved it.
the delivery was perfect I got on time before Eid. Definitely recommend it to everyone who’s looking for educating their kids who can’t speak arabic about our religion and our prophet (pbh).