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iPray Salah Pad Boys/Girls - Anafiya Gifts

iPray Salah Pad Boys/Girls


The iPray Salah Pad is complete with the actions and supplications revolving around the Muslim prayer. Each step has an illustration accompanied with the recitation, with each position in wudu and salah described fully. Additional buttons include Adhan and Iqama, each prayer and number of rakaah. and some common dua.
This is ideal for children or new Muslims learning to pray as it helps them practice the actions and recitations of salah.
Boys Salah Pad has a male reciter, whilst the Girls Salah Pad has a female reciter.
Teachings are based on the Hanafi madhab. A detailed Beginners Guide to Salah and batteries are included.
Now features a light for easier viewing, and a kick stand feature so it can be propped up for more convienient play!

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