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99 Names Of Allah Sound Book
99 Names Of Allah Sound Book - Anafiya Gifts
99 Names Of Allah Sound Book - Anafiya Gifts

99 Names Of Allah Sound Book

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This beautifully illustrated sound book has been specially designed to help children and adults, alike, memorise, understand, act upon and make dua’ using the beautiful names of Allah.

  • Two languages
  • Light up sound panel
  • Easy sets of 10
  • Hear all 99 names melodically
  • Dua’s for each of the 99 names

Allah has 99 names ie. 100 minus one, and whoever memorises them will enter Paradise (Bukhari)

The objective of this book to make it easier to  learn and memorise the 99 names of Allah. The book also helps you to connect with each name by giving the translation. By learning the 99 names of Allah and their meanings, we can get to know Allah better, love Him more and become better people.

The names are split into easy sets of 10 and recited in a tuneful way to help memorisation. Use the light up sound panel to hear each set, listening and learning and one button at the end that sings all 99 names melodically in one go. Also toggle the sound panel switch to listen to all 99 names in English too.

At the end of the book there are dua’s for each of the 99 names, so that children and adults can learn how to call on Allah using each name in context and help understand the meanings of all of Allah’s glorious names.

“It is in the remembrance of Allah that hearts find rest” Surah Ar-Ra’ad (13:38)

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful voice

This is a lovely book and easy for a child to follow along with. Definitely recommend!

I know the 99 beautiful names of Allah

Bought this beautiful book as ramadan gift for the kids, they absolutely love it. 3yr old loves pressing the names and reciting along with the book. Absolute beautiful way of teaching children the names of Allah and loving Allah by his beautiful names and attributes. Beautiful tool for both children and adults.

May Allah swt bless the author, family & co abundantly for this beautiful book.


Had the book for a couple of weeks now and my kids are absolutely loving it. My kids keep it on the ‘arabic’ setting and I personally feel they are learning the names quite fast mashallah. Audio is also clear which I to be honest did not expect. Love the fact it has the 10 names that you are learning on one page at a time.

99 names of Allah book & Hannah doll

My 3 year old grandson and 1 year old granddaughter love the two toys.. Just a couple of weeks and the 3 yr old has already learnt some names of Allah.. Mashallah

Great interactive book

It is very beautifully written and the names of the Almighty are written in Arabic with their English meaning. The summary page is also very useful. The sounds also have Arabic and English in them. It is good material to teach the young ones and anyone old to learn the names of Allah