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My Salah Mat - Interactive Prayer Mat - Anafiya Gifts
My Salah Mat - Interactive Prayer Mat - Anafiya Gifts
My Salah Mat - Interactive Prayer Mat - Anafiya Gifts

My Salah Mat - Interactive Prayer Mat

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A very creative Islamic toy that aids your children to learn the actions and words of Salah in an enjoyable way.

My Salah Mat features interactive buttons within the mat, which activates whilst the child goes through the cycle of the prayer's positions. It will play the relevant surahs and duas at each position.

Additionally, the mat teaches how to do wudu, and the adhaan and iqaama.


  • Guides the child through 2 rakaat
  • 7 different languages - English, French, Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Turkish, Urdu
  • 36 touch sensitive keys
  • Free child friendly booklet on Salah
  • Free parent guide
  • Size: 103cm x 72cm
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (Not included) 

A beneficial Islamic gift for teaching the Islamic prayer for your little Muslims.

Customer Reviews

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Salah Mat

Amazing!!!! Kids love it, and are constantly waiting for salah time!!!!

Would highly recommend!

This Salah mat is genius! Would highly recommend, and is definitely worth the price- we spend so much more on our children/nieces/nephews, buying them meaningless pieces of overpriced plastic that they get bored of and throw away within days. Why not invest in something that will not only keep them occupied and educated for now, but will also benefit them in this life and the hereafter. Even if your child knows the basics already on how to pray salah, this will get them excited to pray, increase their love for Salah, make them more determined to do the righth actions and recite correctly.


I think its a brilliant product for the youngsters to start early in knowing the importance of performing their salah. Postivie feedback.

Salah mat

Not happy with it because it only does 2 rakat I thought it will do all 5 times prayer.

Educational for little Muslims

My boys love their salah mat, I need to buy another one in fact. Masallah it’s very educational. They are now excited to pray with their father