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Welcome 2017!

By Anafiya

It has been an amazing year. A year where we transformed from a whatsapp group, to a fully fledged e-commerce store. We have gone from a couple of products and one supplier, to over 20 suppliers and over 200 products. Alhamdulilah. So many lessons have been learned, and we ask for forgiveness from anyone we have wronged.

Today we start our 2017 campaign. We have many exciting plans for this year, and look forward to revealing them when the time comes! It has also made me realise how close Ramadan is, and is a reminder to us all that we have to start preparing now if we want to attain the maximum goodness from it.

My personal aim for this year is to start balancing my time between my family and my work. With 2 little girls who love attention, this is not as easy as it sounds! I am still learning what it is to do full-time work as well as being a full-time mother and wife.

We hope you have a blessed year, and we look forward to building a stronger relationship with you, and I really hope I get the opportunity to meet more of you on this journey. We are really looking forward to our challenges for this year as we aim to grow considerably, and contribute positively to our childrens lives.

Thank you.




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