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Salam Sisters Nura Doll - Anafiya Gifts

Salam Sisters Nura Doll


Meet Nura - scientist, mystery book reader, hafizah to-be!

Standing at 46cm (18in) tall, she's the one with a deep interest in science and the great outdoors. She's on a mission to memorise the Quran.

Most likely to be: noticing details her friends miss, sharing a random fact that is tangentially related to the situation (making her friends laugh or light up with interest), or teaching new phrases to her pet parrot Zuzu.

Check out our Augmented Reality feature video below - it's really cool!

Nura comes with:

  • Augmented Reality Playmat: Say hi to a 3D version of Nura, brought to life through augmented reality on your smartphone or tablet through the Salam Sisters app. Download for free on the App Store or Google Play
  • Storybook: Learn more about Nura's world through an original Salam Sisters story and activities (you can color in the pages of the book too!)
  • Pre-styled scarf: We wish this came in adult sizes! An easy to slip on and velcro-into-place headscarf so Nura is always stylin' even when she's in a rush on her way to the masjid. Nura's is a deep magenta.
  • Style-your-own scarf: With a nifty bit of elastic at the neck (no pins needed) and free-flowing ends, the style-your-own scarf encourages young minds to get experimental and create their own unique #HijabStyle. Nura's comes in a bright blue for when she feels like changing things up a bit.
  • Undercap: Well, you can't really wear a hijab without one right? So we've designed an undercap specifically for our Salam Sisters, complete with velcro bits making it super easy to put on and hold our girls' hair in place. 
  • Hairbrush: Because Nura will arrive at your doorstep with her headscarf on, her hair might be a bit bent out of shape. Not to worry, we've included a hairbrush to help smooth things out because hair care counts for hijabi's too!
  • Cute outfit: Nura's chambray denim maxi skirt is cut with a fold detail at the front allowing for maximum movement. Paired with a batik-inspired print on her wide-sleeved shirt, and broken up with a deep magenta scarf to complement the blue tones. Her white flats are complete with a bow detail.

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Perfect present

I brought this for my 3 year old niece. She has just started to get interested in head scarfs and why they are worn. She was over the moon with it! Bonus points that the doll has the same name as her.


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