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My Arabic Mat - Rubber Feel Version - Anafiya Gifts

My Arabic Mat - Rubber Feel Version


My Mat is now available in a new rubber feel version! Your child's (almost) indestructible Arabic and English alphabet toy.

With My Mat, you can teach your child both the English and Arabic alphabet in the simplest way whilst also having an enjoyable time with you child. Here’s how:

  • My Mat includes both the English and Arabic alphabet which will help your child become familiar with both languages and help them in reading the languages in later life.

  • The letters of the alphabets are embossed giving the mat a touch and feel element ensuring your child will have fun whilst using it. 
  • The letters are presented in a colourful array making it visually appealing and helpful to your child in remembering both alphabets. 

  • This My Mat version is made of rubber-feel silicone which means that it is safe to use, very durable and also waterproof ensuring that it will last a near-lifetime. Alternatively, the card version is also durable.

  • The edges of the mat are curved so it is safe to use and won’t hurt your child as it is very soft. 

  • My mat is lightweight making it easy to carry around anywhere you go without worrying about it. 

Size: 23cm by 16cm

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